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Tigers Forever, Saving the World’s Most Endangered Big Cat, a collaboration with National Geographic photographer Steve Winter, melds spectacular images of tigers and their secret behaviors with insights into why one of the world's most iconic species is careening towards extinction. "Tigers Forever" tells their story and details bold initiatives to save them. Published by National Geographic Books, distributed by Random House. Hardcover: 224 pages   ISBN-13: 978-1426212406


"With eloquent text and photographs of unsurpassed beauty, Tigers Forever opens the eyes of the world to what is happening to the tiger, one of its greatest natural treasures."  


"More than compelling, Tigers Forever is a monumental achievement in prose and images. The book is so riveting--nothing short of a hymn about the most endangered of all the big cats--that no reader could conceive of a world without them."


"Tigers a tell-all tale about the tiger's fight for survival."   --PRESS TRUST OF INDIA



"In Tigers Forever, Steve Winter and Sharon Guynup use vivid descriptions and imagery to retell a tale from deep within the jungle.  --PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SCIENCE (PLOS)

"Yes, photographer Steve Winter captures the sheer awe, beauty and power of one of the Earth's most majestic creatures in "Tigers Forever: Saving the World's Most Endangered Big Cat." That's an understatement. But what adds to the book's obvious visual appeal is how Winter and freelance writer Sharon Guynup...get to the heart of what great journalism is all about: Why it matters."  -- The Toledo Blade

Selected press and interviews:

                                                                     Interview: Tiger Populations are dwindling due to po                                                                             poaching and habitat destruction


                                           Interview with Steve Winter & Sharon Guynup


                                            The World Interview


                                                              How Do You Save the World's Most Endangered Big Cat?


                                                                           Documenting The Lives Of Tigers

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