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For two decades, Sharon has covered wildlife, ecosystems, climate change, energy, environmental health, pollution, disease and other issues. She's written for National Geographic, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Scientific American, The Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Smithsonian, Mongabay and numerous other outlets. She speaks publicly on these issues and serves as a global fellow with the Wilson Center's Environmental Change and Security Program and China Environment Forum. She  co-founded the media nonprofit Big Cat Voices to focus on media and film projects that spark change.

Her work has garnered awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, New York City's Deadline Club and an Arlene Award for “an article that makes a difference” from the American Society of Journalists and Authors. And she's

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Sharon has spent more than two decades reporting on big cats from some of the world's most remote wild places. In this book, she shares what she has learned about these iconic cats in a fun, fascinating,  fact-filled book for kids–alongside Nat Geo photographer Steve Winter's stunning  images.

Together, they capture the beauty, intelligence and secret habits of the animals. But they also tell their stories to bring international attention to the threats that face them and features extraordinary individuals working to protect  them. It also teaches kids how to help save these magnificent felines and how to be a good steward for the planet.

Praise for Tigers Forever: 

More than compelling, Tigers Forever is a monumental achievement in prose and images. The book is so rivetingnothing short of a hymn about the most endangered   of all the big catsthat no reader could conceive of a world without them."  


"With eloquent text and photographs of unsurpassed beauty, Tigers Forever opens the eyes of the world to what is happening to the tiger, one oits greatest natural treasures."    



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Global study of 71,000 animal species finds 48% are declining                                           Mongabay

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The True Costs of Wildlife Trafficking     Georgetown Journal of International Affairs

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